Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chanel Byzance (Mosaicology loves Karl Lagerfled)

My excitement was just too much when I stumbled above the logo of Coco Chanel in mosaic!!! I later discovered that this was the show invitation for the Chanel Byzance show.

The blog where I got this from is called Diary of a clotheshorse (a blog discovered by mere accident via bloglovin perhaps or google search - but what was I searching?..).

Byzantium is a limitless source of inspiration (often unknowingly as some things today considered to be Ottoman, Mediterranean, Arab etc. are in fact associated with the Byzantine Empire, fueled and altered through the ages).

It was a GREAT joy for me to actually see Coco Chanel's logo in mosaic (I knew it would happen one day!).

I am talking about Karl Lagerfeld and his pre fall 2010-2011 collection inspired by the Byzantine Empire.

Here he is talking about the collection, about the Byzantine Empire, the mosaics!!!! (he created the buttons in square forms to resemble mosaic tiles!!!!) Ravenna, Theodora (for those who missed my post on Empress Theodora go here), his inspiration for the collection, the role of women in Byzantium and everything you would love to know about Chanel Byzance.

Some pictures from the show..

Don't go away.. There's a video you must see.

As I read on diary of a clotheshorse, Coco Chanel took Byzantine art as her major inspiration when she launched her first line of costume jewellery in the 1920s.

These are the videos from the pre fall 2010/2011 Chanel Byzance from youtube.

part 1

part 2

Notice the mosaic table in the front of the first row?

Dear Karl Lagerfeld, will you consider hiring me for next time you want to create something that has mosaic in it?


  1. great blog - diary of a clotheshorse blog :))

  2. Wow - love the richness of the brilliant blue with gold!

  3. OOOh! How exciting, it's all so gorgeous, I love the cobalt blue with gold as well. And I can NEVER get enough CHANEL!!
    Nancy xo

  4. The jewelry in the last photo is so inspiring. It's very much like something one would expect to see in the treasury of San Marco, fresh back from the crusade. X

  5. I just watched Lagerfeld on netflix...such an amazing man. The interview about Ravenna shows he is so ahead of the curve! Fantastic , fantastic post!

  6. Lovely, is that the cobalt blue - that Hermes used recently I am talking about in my post? Hermes,Chanel,Bisanzio. Fantastico. Hope Karl will contact you soon!

  7. This is truly amazing, I understand your excitement!

  8. Wonderful post! You never know maybe Karl will give you a call!

  9. It's so exciting when fashion looks back on history to this extent - especially an era that many history (even art!) books make out to be kind of boring, plain, and pragmatic.

    Also, thank you for your comment! :)

    International Fashion

  10. I really enjoyed this post ... Lovely blog!

  11. Hi!I'm Mauro Landoni from italy and I am glad to read your appreciation for the image Chanel Mosaic made by me for Chanel.
    The image you seen was started from a search for collection scarfs and stole for Pre-fall 2010/2011-(imput was a only image emperor Zoe in Instanbul);
    one of that scarf was been used for the card invitation at the"defilè".

    Many thanks again.


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