Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An eye for colour, paillette trend + a mosaic by Paolo Racagni

An eye for color. This looks like an interesting book on colour, how to develop your sense of colour, showing how to build your own color index by "dissecting" a gorgeous selection of works used by master painters, graphic designers, fashion and furniture designers and craftsmen-all selected for their exceptional use of color.

more details here.

As I was about to post about this book, I saw something quite remarkable on a blog I have been following, world market portraits blog. A spectacular yet economical decorative solution with colour pencils!


In the meantime, I received a newsletter which linked me somehow to Vogue Italia spring summer trends 2011 and I noticed not just honeysuckle but also green and yellow as leading colours. The trends are many, various and I am not a trends expert but I really enjoyed seeing a sparkling paillette trend ...reminiscent of glittery mosaic tiles.

luis vuitton
gianfranco ferre


The last marni and westwood garments remind me of this mosaic by artist Paolo Racagni.


What is your favourite colour right now? Do you have a permanent favourite colour or is your preference associated to your state of being of the moment, the season, and everything around you and in your life?


  1. <3 your blog! Always so inspiring!

    In terms of colours, I am usually drawn to shades of blue, especially a deep ultramarine (this may or may not have anything to do with it being the most costly colour in medieval manuscripts =)

    Although, lately, I've been liking contrasts, like cool silver with a earthy brown, or a warm gold next to a pale dove gray....

  2. The best for me is intense cobalt that almost glows violet, especially when placed next to a green/yellow, which tricks the mind into seeing more red in it than is really there.

  3. I love all shades of blue, that blue dress is gorgeous.

  4. well i don't have a certain colour of preference ..but i know one thing!this blog is unique!love it!!
    kisses!following!keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for your comment :) btw, the brand of these lipsticks is essence which is a german brand that is sold on the Schlecker stores, so its good quality on a budget.

    As for your interesting posts, I love all these designs. I'd say I love mixing black and white in winter and of course, I love to wear white in the summer mixed with more colorful colors...

  6. Ti ringrazio :)
    Seguo anche io il tuo blog.


  7. I like your blog is very inspiring! my favourite colour is purple :) I am your new follower!
    welcome to my blog too

  8. me encanto la idea de los lápices!!!!

  9. My favorite colors right now are teal and deep sapphires... I guess just because I'm craving summer and the seaside :) That colored pencil idea is very cool, I might actually try that out!

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