Monday, February 14, 2011

bad girl


I chose this mosaic here to write about a young girl I know. Age cannot be an excuse for bad manners and manipulative character so here it goes. She has been with this guy for 6 or 7 years (she is now 27 I think) and last year they had a big fight because he tried to break up with her after falling in love with another (sweeter, as he described her) girl. When things calmed down and they sort of decided to be together (I guess it was more his desire than hers) she was always saying that they would remain friends, she loved him blabla. (She has confessed to me not exactly in these words but it was very easy to deduce it, that she basically has no one to hang out with). Another parenthesis. She has such bad manners with everybody that it is not a surprise people do not befriend her. She is kind of "stuck" with this poor (he is in fact quite handsome and kind and girls want him) young guy who all he does is be her taxi driver and occasionally, I assume, he accommodates other needs, including his or basically it's his needs that are accommodated and it's her solitude that is fixed. She has talked so badly of him and his entire family to me and to others that it is peculiarly disturbing to see her with him all the time and to know she goes wherever he goes (drinks with his friends, shopping, you name it). On top of that, she misbehaves, she is very meager, she would put her feet up on the chair in peoples houses as if it was her house, she would open up the kitchen cupboards to make herself coffee, she doesn't respect timing, anyway the list is endless. Nobody wants her. His mother, his father, his sisters, his friends. And ...finally me. I was the last to understand what was happening. Why? She tried very hard to make me like her especially after they had the fight so I could speak "well" of her to her boyfriend and basically she needed an ally. Now she doesn't "disturb" me anymore on MSN Messenger and she doesn't call. Now she has solved the problem. Yes. She is "not together" with him but hangs out with him. He provides her company and security. I am happy not to have a burden on me because I cannot have "false" friendships but I will have to put up with her when he brings her along. What I don't like in this whole situation is that this guy will NOT understand that this girl just does not love him and she is using him. But I am a firm believer that revenge is a dish best eaten cold and one day she will truly be alone. However I am concerned that this guy will want to marry her, because the brain washing she has been doing on him is irreversible and she will just say yes (she had told me once that she would never marry him and that his wife will be a miserable woman) or because he will get her pregnant or because she will have no other options with men and will get herself pregnant with him. Unless the lucky "father" will be another....Her English is not good enough to understand this and I don't thing she bothers to read my blog even if she has always "expressed enthusiasm" for it.

Conclusion: some people "fake" they are celebrating today

ps: I hope that was funny to read. Do not mean to offend anybody, even her. I am just thinking out loud.


  1. I hope things improve! Sounds like an irritating situation :(

  2. Well... I like the mosaic associated with this post. It's not as good as the Sophia Lauren photo, but it is very nice.

    Opening other people's cupboards?!?
    Chi la fa l'aspetti!!!


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