Thursday, February 17, 2011

Green calm, gold charm - Living room with mosaic wall

The living room in the picture with gold mosaic wall and green/red curtains come from the gallery of pictures of Stone and Glass. The mosaic tiles shown in detail here are vitreous mosaic tiles from the same company.


  1. Hi, thanks for visit my blog ! I am your follower around one week already.. I can see your posts on my dashboard! I don´t know why you can´t see me between your followers. . My nickname is dominika1252 and I don´t have photo when I follow someblog.

  2. wow! well, that must be prescious... but what i love most is the ceiling... maybe even more prescious. :P

    hugs, and a nice weekend, dear Mosaicista, i hope you are doing fine!

  3. I would find these lodgings acceptable. Can I stay there in Ravenna?


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