Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Santa Prassede mosaics, Rome

Sharing with you the beauty and "vagueness" of the mosaics in Santa Prassede church / St.Zenon Chapel in Rome, one of the very few examples of Byzantine mosaics in Rome. The name prassede derives from Greek meaning the one that acts, from the Greek word πράξις (praxis), action...think of the English word practice...I think it comes from the Greek praxis..? (I have a predilection for etymology...)

If you are ever in Rome go visit this church and the St.Zenon chapel to see the mosaics.

Looking at these mosaics, it is inevitable to think of Thessaloniki (Salonica in Greece) and the Rotunda mosaics and Ravenna though I see that these mosaics are inclined to resemble the mosaics in Ravenna in terms of the colour-focused approach rather than the linear-detailed fashion of the Rotunda mosaics on which I still have to dedicate a post!

Watch this video here on Santa Prassede church.


  1. Thanks to your great posts and the good education I'm receiving, I will never look at mosaics the same again. I must take this in when we visit Rome again.

    Cheers ~ Deb

  2. Rome is one of my favourite cities. I'll have to look for this church next time I'm there.

  3. Your blog is fantastic! I loved travelling through Italy and seeing all the old mosaics. -Loridawn

  4. Stunning mosaics full of history, culture and art!


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