Thursday, January 27, 2011

Send free mosaic e-cards !!!

image credit travel adventures

Look what I found. A chic ancient lady. I was looking for a particular Pompeii mosaic on the internet which I did find not but was rewarded with this beautiful mosaic of exquisite colours from Herculaneum. What is more interesting is that the website I found this on offers an e-card function! Go here and check it out.

From travel adventures you can send all kinds of e-cards from all over the world but I have selected the ones that are mosaic related.

Gaudi's architecture mosaics in Barcelona,

or Chora Monastery Constantinople (Istanbul)

So, do not waste a single minute and say hi to your friends, wish them happy birthday, wish them well now.

Oh, I just have to share a Venice canal picture which is breathtaking.

here's the link again:

have fun and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evil eye

Antioch mosaic early second century AD
Can I entice you with an evil eye pendant by one very gifted jewelery artist Vanessa Kandiyoti whose work is simple incredible?

click on the image below to go to her website

I have been working hard these days. I need a break. What about you?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Micromosaic jewelery from Christie's

micromosaic pendant earrings floral theme sold at christies for £3000:

beetle design micromosaic earrings sold at christie's for £3000:

micromosaic brooch with doves price realised £1875:

The work involved in making a mosaic of such small scale is incredible and has been daunting me for the last few years as I keep on postponing trying out this type of mosaic work (with themes less classical and more glam).

Have a great week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

stylish awards by Amoronia and Little Augury + passing it on

I have been so busy with the relocation of the blog and other work that I have not been able to officially thank Amoronia for giving me the stylish blogger award. That happened the first week of January. (I was also into hospital the last week of December for a minor operation so you can imagine, I did have a lot on my plate those days).

Today however I have received the stylish blogger award for the 2nd time by Little Augury and I realised that I cannot stall anymore so here I am passing the award to 10 stylish bloggers but since I am merging the awards together I will be awarding 15 bloggers. (Amoronia's rules were 15 or 3 or 5 but I have many interesting blogs to share with you and this is an opportunity.)

First things first, I have to say 7 things about myself.

1. I am a huge fan of TV show Two and a half men and feel deeply sorry for Alan Harper and for all Alan Harpers of this world whereas I never knew how sexy Charlie Sheen was.
3. I hate smoking but not smokers.
4. I hate it when people manipulate others and use them to suit their needs.
5. I do not like sports.
6. I am currently teaching mosaic to a painter/glass artist.
7. I used to work with nutcases in a bank for a decade. Now I am earning a lot less doing the two things I love, mosaics and translations.

Some of the blogs I picked out are entirely new to me and others I have been following for a while. All of them are remarkable, fresh and above all stylish because this is what this awards is meant to be. I am certain you will all find inspiration and discover new things from them.

1. Indecorous taste

 2. the drifter and the gypsy

3. the zhush

4. the simply luxurious life

5. la boheme

6. international fashion (a brand new blog)

7. iiinspired

8. i appreciate that

9. hare styling

10. extravaganza

11. cush design studio

12. Catherine Nolin

13. casa tres chic

14. black zebra

15. bicocacolors

Thank you again Amoronia,

and Little Augury

bloggers need to stick together in style.

happy weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mosaic cards

I have recently came across these stunning mosaic cards, a work of Tamar Hammer who uses illustration, photo-processing and collage to create these lovely images. Naturally I was enarmoured of them and captivated by the mere fact that someone who is not into mosaic making appreciates their strong appeal and of course these are subjects that I would have chosen myself.

Tamar sells her work on etsy here which is not restricted to mosaic.

You can check out her blog.

Also read an interesting interview with Tamar here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Hermes Paris store (and under the influence of mosaic)


I am fascinated with Hermes and the fact that they love mosaic and have incorporated it in their products. The mosaic logo on the floor is situated in the newly launched luxury boutique on 17 Rue De Sèvres on the left bank in Paris once used to be Hotel Lutetia's indoor swimming pool.

More on Paris popcorn as well as on the accessorator.

Hermes, the Greek God, was the Messenger, flying from one place to the other to spread and deliver the news!

So if I was to pretend I was an ancient Greek lady, I would ask HERMES for assistance so that all my followers from can join me here!

This is the first post on new Mosaicology.

So what is new?

1. A new location that corresponds to the blog's name

2. Left and right columns for easier browsing and more professional look.

3. You can email me with a click! Do you like the button? It is on the left column under my profile which I have updated.

4. I have selected some videos (go down right column) that I find interesting and informative on mosaic how to. It is not easy to find good quality videos or videos that actually show you step by step all the things you need to know but at least it is a way to get an idea.

5. My new banner now. I have made something I am happy about. I am such a perfectionist and I sincerely hope this is it. I love purple (the colour of emperors and princes) and I adore gold mosaics. I have also given a short description for this blog to help the people not familiar with this blog (for those who have recently joined and those who will do so later).

What is new about me?  That is a surprise! Follow me here NOW and you will not be disappointed!

The best is yet to come and the best things come to those who wait.........

I will not be posting on my old blog anymore.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A mircomosaic treasure (St.Theodore Stratilates at the Hermitage)

Hard to believe but there was a time (14th cent.) and a place (Constantinople) where icons of incredibly small sizes with mosaic were made. Of course very few people could afford them as they were an indisputable symbol of prestige, especially in the specific case of the portable icon pictured above representing St.Theodore Stratilates where lapis lazuli was one of the materials used. This one here is to be seen at the Hermitage museum and if you do not believe it is 9 x 7.4cm, visit the relevant webpage here.

Hope the first days of 2011 are shiny and bright for all of you and will continue to be so!!!