Thursday, December 2, 2010

Torcello and a tip of where to stay in #Venice


Exquisite, peaceful filled with a decayed yet glorious Byzantine presence of which the mosaics remain a powerful testimony.

The little bridge is called Ponte del Diavolo, Devil's bridge.

Some links for Torcello:

Brief history
Torcello near Venice
Traveling there
must see (Italian version but full of spectacular photos)

Now, a little valuable tip for those wishing to go to Venice on a budget, at least accommodation wise. Once I stayed a little hotel called Riva, nothing extravagant but absolutely stylish, clean and excellent value for money. In fact I fell in love with it for many reasons one of which is that while you are having breakfast downstairs, you are just a breath away from a small canal that flanks one side of the hotel. The staircase if I remember correctly is rather narrow but ..who cares? I think it has undergone renovations recently and I trust the atmosphere has not changed.


  1. Dying to visit this part of Italy! One day :)

  2. Your blog is incredible! Your post on Tocello is timely for me...thanks.

  3. Thanks for the tip about Riva, I like that part of Castello for evening wine outside in autumn.
    I love everything about Venice, well except when the garbage workers go on strike.

    You found one of those old fashioned dangerous bridges in Torcello? I still have not visited there, I must go! In Venice, there is another bridge with no handrails on the north side near Fondamenta Nuove (last picture on this post).

    Buon Sera, x

  4. Eric,
    I am glad you will be using the tip. I would love to know what you think about the hotel. I hope it is still the cutest hotel discovery in Venice. Take care, alla prossima!

    Are you going to Venice? Have fun, enjoy the trip and the...walk, make sure you wear comfy exercise shoes. Oh, humidity alert too.


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