Friday, December 17, 2010

Mosaic for all levels: A brief review of 7 books

This post is for those interested in purchasing a book on mosaics for themselves or as a gift. In a previous post I featured a new book on mosaic portraits if you have missed it. For this post I have used the archives on mosaic matters website and my personal opinion. But for more, please click on the links under the book. It will take you to the book's full description.

Mosaics in a weekend may sound too good to be true but it is recommended for beginners (should be good, Martin Cheek is a well known UK artist.)

Stylish and simple mosaic. The only book I have from this list. Good for the paving slab and mosaic on mesh for bathroom tiles project. Well known authors. Biggs and Hunkin.

The mosaic sourcebook. Because it is Conran Octopus ...details here.

If you love broken china or want to vent creatively perhaps you could try with this book.

Finding your own voice..I heard it is excellent for inspiration. Click here.

Because of Jane Muir. I have only seen one work of her and it was enough to "establish" her in my mind as someone special. More on the book here.

This last one, details of which you will find here, is what I would love to see on my bookshelf. Because it is written by an indisputable and influential personality of the mosaic world Isotta Fiorentini Roncuzzi.

View the complete book reviews on mosaic matters here.

Books will never substitute a good, non-secretive and open-minded teacher, available to answer to all your questions, guide you through what could be daunting in the beginning. More important is that books are only a companion and basically your best teacher is yourself by means of the mistakes you will make.


  1. Lovely review! And I completely agree with your last (and highlighted) point! I have always used the artsy and crafty books I have as companions in my journey of discovery, as inspiration and then experimentig on my own by trial and error.

  2. Wow! I would love to try it but I really have my hands full with my sewing...

  3. Hey, but where is your book? I need to buy that!

    I love, love, love the Roncuzzi book. The information was invaluable for making my fresco lime just right. But, it covers so much other good technical information!

    When I took the class with Luciana, I asked her about Isotta because I had already read that great book. Lucy said that unfortunately Ms. Roncuzzi is very ill now, but she used to work with Lucy and I could tell there was a good deal of respect there. Great informative post!

  4. Those books are pretty interesting...
    Nice review.
    Someday...I'd love to try this art.

  5. Oooooh! Book reviews.. yeah! And I couldn't agree more with your ending quote about teachers and learning. Now, if only we each had much longer lifespans so we could fit in all the things we wanted to learn and accomplish :)


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