Friday, October 5, 2012

SEXY SILVER TRENDS: Milan Fashion Week 2013 + SILVERWARE permanent collection from 2007 by Bisazza

Today I have a surprise MOSAIC MIX to show you!

SILVERWARE is a permanent collection at Bisazza headquarters in Italy that one day I hope to go visit. Need to check where they are. Who knows? Bisazza might be close to where I live!

Anyway, the collection comprises eight giant-sized pieces of domestic objects such as teapots and candlesticks, covered in mosaics by Bisazza. 

I love the table! And the SILVER SPOON is incredible. And surpisingly enough, this post today is timely for a very particular reason and a WONDERFUL FRIEND who reads this will be just so MIND-BOGGLED.

It's more than obvious that Bisazza is a pioneer and a trendsetter. SILVERWARE is from 2007 and today, 2012, metallic look is a trend.

Here's the "body of proof" from Milan's runway.

Enjoy two sequined bags, "mosaicologistic" enough for me, from ETRO and FENDI. Clothes and dress to wear when I go to see SILVERWARE. They won't even notice me..!!! LOL

image credits:
Bag Snob

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  1. Hi Magda! Thanks for posting this great trendy news. I love the silver spoon on the wall. Would look great in my informal dining area! I used to have a huge wooden fork and spoon to hang on the wall, but they got broken when we moved.

    I love the metallic clothing too, but would only wear it as an accessory to a typical outfit for going out on the town. I love bling, but not TOO much bling!

  2. Thank you Samantha for your great comment. I agree on not too much bling. Definitely not. Somethings look pretty on the catwalk and that's that.

  3. oh wow, that is super bold and glitzy!


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