Saturday, October 27, 2012

An amazing mosaic portrait using legos or Adam Baldwin as a source of inspiration

The artist behind this lego mosaic artist is Dave Ware and his website is called .... BRICKWARES. Quite spot on! He makes mosaics using legos. When I saw this picture I immediately thought of "Chuck" the TV series where Adam Baldwin played the part of a detective. That TV series had inspired me to write a post on Freelance Writing Dreams (where you will find me from time to time doing some writing work). The post was called ARE YOUR FREELANCE WRITING DREAMS DOOMED? There's a very good reason why I used the word "DOOMED" and it had something to do with an Adam Baldwin's line.

So you can say that Adam Baldwin HAS provided the INSPIRATION for a MOSAIC PORTRAIT and a FREELANCE MOTIVATIONAL POST.

Go to BRICKWARES site and see more fascinating lego mosaics!

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