Monday, October 1, 2012

Everything's coming up flowers in Bisazza's 2013 mosaic collection and Milan's Runways

image credit Bisazza
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Who hasn't heard of Bisazza one of Italy's top luxury design and mosaic brands? Their vitreous mosaic tiles are famous worldwide and the brand basically needs no introduction. It's a name you will definitely encounter if you are into mosaic. Artists and customers alike.

This groovy floral 70s style pattern, from Bisazza's 2013 mosaic collection, would be normally expected to be seen in a painting, a dress, a cushion. Yet, a mosaic interpretation of this motif - is one of the many ways of saying to the world that mosaic has true potential that knows no limits. When turning motifs - usually used in other artforms - into mosaic, there's always a slight risk that you will not get that seamless result. For an established brand like Bisazza there's no such risk. This motif, in the hands of their design and mosaic artists, is transformed into an outstanding decorative panel.

The brown-blue colour combination is also worth looking at. Brown, the colour of the earth. Blue, the colour of the sky. These colours together bring a sense wholeness and tranquility. A rather "reserved" combination, a work of art like this goes everywhere and would be ideal into a corporate environment.

Apparently flowers is one of this year's trends !

Simone Rocha S/S 2013 Runway
"See" the flowers on Milan's runway?
Prada Spring 2013
More flower power
Christina Ricci wearing Valentino Resort 2013
Kerry Washington wearing J.Mendel Resort 2013
Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

See more of the 2013 mosaic collection on Bisazza's Facebook. The following image will definitely convince you to go take a look!

image credit Bisazza

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