Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Precious Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Walker Zanger

image credit Walker Zanger
Vintage WZ Perlino Rosato Marble, Lunada Bay Mini Mosaic Burleywood, Vintage WZ Rose Tea Marble e Zlatan Klimenta

This is a collage created by Walker Zanger, a stone and tile company I have recently discovered. This beautiful collage was posted on Twitter yesterday for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I simply wanted to share it here with you.

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  1. Walker Zanger in Dallas is great! Some stones I use can only be found there.

  2. Breast cancer is one of dangerous disease among the women.Your information is really helpful for the women.Thank you for giving such a valuable information.
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  3. Eric, I can understand why. Their site is classy. Very high quality products.

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