Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A rather mischievous Theodora by Lacroix for SICIS

I am still not sure if I like this (Theodora's subtle and feminine look is gone and been substituted by a less sophisticated yet rather mischievous appearance of a modern lady) but it is definitely worth of mention.

The artwork in question is based on the famous San Vitale mosaic of Theodora previously featured on this blog here and here. It is the offspring of the collaboration between Cristian Lacroix and SICIS. The famous Italian company SICIS (remember the mosaic bathtubs and the pin up girl?) is a name to remember in the world of mosaic and furniture today and if any of you will want to exploit mosaic and interior design be sure that the name will pop up repeatedly. SICIS as we speak will be exhibiting Lacroix's collection at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Here we quote some interesting information on this collaboration of which the full text is found on www.anothermag.com, here.

True, all the pieces illustrate SICIS’s commitment to esteemed creative endeavor and continued savoir faire. In partnership with Mr. Christian Lacroix masterful hands, they revolutionize the world of lifestyle with poetic insouciance. Mr. Christian Lacroix also acknowledges that, thanks
to SICIS’s daring and energy, the mosaic is now accepted as a deeply contemporary and artistic embellishment. Wildly inspired by the illustrious history of mosaics in Ravenna particularly in connection with the Byzantine Empress Theodora, Mr Lacroix was reminded of Arles, his hometown and romantic region renowned for well-preserved Roman tiles and sought after antiquities.


In fact, as we read from the same source that from April 12 - 17, the collection of furniture designed by Mr Christian Lacroix will be presented at the Salone del Mobile Milan fair in a new exquisite SICIS lifestyle set-up. From June 2011, it will be distributed worldwide in all of SICIS’s showrooms.


  1. Arles does a fantastic mosaic museum with a very attractive lady curators. :) Nothing like in the Sicis catalog, but attractive, nevertheless...

  2. thanks for the link to the site, beautiful and inspiring


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