Sunday, November 21, 2010

Under the sphere of...mosaic influence

Mosaic spheres by artist Felice Nittolo 

Nittolo is one of my favourite contemporary mosaic artists, a trendsetter, challenging, with a strong Ravenna education/school background which you can see from his work, yet with a strong inventive edge and fresh "from scratch" creative work which appears simple to conceive but in fact would require a perfect...almost perfect mosaic master to tackle it.

And there you have new masterpieces.

I wish I could have him as a teacher.



  1. Amazing art! Thank you for sharing!
    BTW, my Grandma (my father's mother) was from Ravenna... I'm quite a nice mix, aren't I ;)?

  2. Beautiful and impressive pieces. Pure art! Saludos.

  3. what an interesting blog...I'm so glad I found it


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