Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crystals, a quiz, Marilyn and Jackie...

The idea for this post comes from a post appearing on the simply luxurious life blog - featuring a book by Pamela Keogh - addressing the personalities of Marilyn M and Jackie O and how we women relate to them and find ourselves to associate with them in part or to a greater extent. The blog post is interesting and the author writes all her blog posts with a lot of insight, thoroughness and meticulousness.

She gives a link to a quiz on whether you are more Marilyn or rather Jackie or both. Here's the quiz here.

I could not help but publish a mosaic with Marilyn, exactly the type that embodies sumptuousness and lavishness that best describe her roles. Mosaic made with precious stones, in the specific case they are Swarovski crystals. Made by Gemstone Creative.

Go the their website and watch the introduction video. In the beginning it features wonderful ancient mosaics.

My comment is very simple and straightforward. Mosaic as we know it is precious on its own even without the precious stones. Marble, stones, pebbles, broken china, seeds are all we need to construct "luxurious enough" artworks. Mosaics are costly because of the patience, the skill and a long list of traits that the mosaicist has to possess. In fact making a mosaic with crystal does not even require cutting (I think!!) at least not with the hammer or the nippers. I would not enter into the merits of a work that I know nothing of. Just random thoughts.


  1. Well which are you, a Jackie or a Marilyn?

  2. more Marilyn than Jackie it said..but with just 1 point difference. these quizzes are just for fun. I can tell you that deep deep both of them were more or less after the same things> money, power, love, affection with money probably being on the top of the list along with being protected by powerful men and be pampered and wear diamonds which is not my case.

    ps> one interesting quiz that perhaps you should take was marcel proust it was I think on vanity fair, check it out. that was pro!

  3. Thank you for the mention. I am so happy you enjoyed the post of Are You A Jackie Or A Marilyn. I will be adding a link to your website on my Thanks for the Mention list. Thank you again. I hope your week is going well. :)

  4. To be honest Mosaicista Appassionata, I much enjoyed your own comment in responding to Eric!

  5. Hello mosaicism,
    this post is very interesting, as well as all this wonderful stuff about mosaics ...
    which I love, and also, I have done some in this life ... ;))

    you've been on my blog and asked me the technique of the illustration, well, ALWAYS the bottom line is the design in dash, I lead for the "Illustrator", where I work the colors, patterns and I make a digital painting identical to a normal paint, has the ink, the different brushes and how to paint, is partiucular of each ...

    then let us speak .... see you soon!
    a hug,



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