Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When mosaic meets wellness (Soft Therapy by Friul Mosaic - exhibiting at CERSAIE Bologna 25-29/09/2012)

This is the background image from Friul Mosaic's website.

I was stunned when I came across this video by FRIUL MOSAIC, one of the exhibitors at the CERSAIE this year. The video guides us through a collection launched by the company that takes the concept of nature and lifts it up to a level of luxuriance by blending "wellness" with pebbles and mosaic. Extravagant? No way. The message is clear. The luxury is there. Still, nature reigns. And it's right there to seduce your every part (every finger of your feet basically, but know what I mean right? You want this. I know I want this after a hectic day).

FRIUL MOSAIC takes us to the beach so that we are immersed into NATURE, and experience the healing properties of the pebbles and the stones.

We are reminded we should TAKE CARE of ourselves and in particular the lower limbs that after all take all the weight.

The calm and the beautiful balance you will see in the products of the Soft Therapy Collection will strike you and will fill you with emotions, desires and new dreams.

WATCH the video on their site: FRIUL MOSAIC. Amazing! Meraviglioso!

image credit Friul Mosaic

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