Friday, September 7, 2012

5 Mosaic Tile Looks that Will Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Home - GUEST POST

Written by Jane Fitzgerald who writes for Glass Tile Warehouse

Tile surfaces add a texture and a permanence that other surfaces simply cannot achieve, but it’s important to find a color and pattern than match the space. These five applications select mosaic tiles that make good use of light and texture to create looks that are balanced, vibrant and timeless.

Mixed Blue Sheen

More than one decent bathroom has been ruined by the misapplication of blue tiles to a large wall. But the mixture of this blue and turquoise mosaic shimmers in the strong light of this bathroom’s big window. The large dark vanity also helps to balance the glimmer of the mosaic shimmer, grounding it with hard lines and a dark wood finish. When you work with such vibrant mosaic patterns, it’s important not to make the rest of the space too busy, and this space strikes a good balance.

Blue Glass Tile Table

It’s always nice to see tile surfaces show up where you don’t expect them. This steel table frames the electric blue of the glass tiles beautifully, and the choice of green accessories helps pull off a complementary color balance that could easily have wound up looking dated. Here, it simply looks expertly arranged. Without the accessories, the mosaic pattern might look bare and unfinished, which just shows you that a mosaic pattern alone may not complete a space.

Rough Stone Veneer


Too often, the neutral tones of stone mosaics like this are relegated to the background with a centerpiece mirror. Here, the mirror is excluded above the vanity and the rough, chunky stone surface takes center stage. The single-handle antique brass faucet emerges from the mosaic almost as if it’s been there for a century. If not for the small contemporary size of the tiles, you could swear they were aged as well. The modernity of the design is subtle, allowing the texture of the rough-cut tile to dominate the space.

Wavy Glass Mosaic

A good way to shake up traditional expectations is to play with lines, and this installation definitely does that. The sharpness of the vertical lines is cutely disrupted by the wavy horizontal curves. The curves are echoed in the glass candlesticks and the paisley curves of the wall tile. All of it scatters light, mixing transparency and opacity. Whether natural or artificial light, it all looks clean in the slightly dirty-white tiles.

Wood on Grayscale

In a time when bold colors are in vogue, it’s nice to see an understated grayscale tile in play. A rich wood grain will warm up the coolness of the gray, while the boxy mosaic structure mixes with the organic chaos of the tile mixture. The straight lines of the contemporary cabinetry play off the pixilated gray tiles in a way that more traditional cabinets would not.

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  1. Great ideas! May I recommend the mosaic wall tiles here, which are amongst the best I've encountered.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Matthew!

      I did check the site you recommended. I did not see any mosaic tiles there. Just normal size tiles. They do look exquisite though.

      There's a mosaic "tab" on the site's page however that contains no pictures.

  2. I'm glad you liked these ideas Matthew, and thanks for recommending this other site for mosaic wall tiles. This site seems to offer a pretty good selection of modern styles. For additional styles and options, I'd recommend checking out

    Thanks for reading!


  3. I like how these 5 mosaic tile design ideas create their own simple but beautiful look. What I love the most is the last photo. The pixilated grayscale tile design blended well with the kitchen’s overall theme and design. =)

    **Alana Geikie

    1. Thank you Alana for taking the time to visit and comment and yes, it's true there is a beautiful balance there in the last image.

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