Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lenny Kravitz stirs us up and this time it’s not the music. It’s speaker-style tiles!

Lenny Kravitz against a background covered with the tiles he designed


Known for his powerful and stimulating music now also known for his design skill. More than just a knack for design, Lenny Kravitz has a hidden talent. A talent that has found an outlet in the form and shape of three-dimensional tiles juxtaposed in diverse ways.  

Yes, I have found out only just now too!

The Goccia (italian for "drop") collection designed by Kravitz and created in collaboration with LEA Ceramiche is an expression of his alter artistic ego and not easy to label as pertaining to a particular style. Precisely just like with his music. Whenever you listen to a Lenny Kravitz song you know it's him. His voice is inimitable. Well, I guess most singers have a unique voice but Kravitz is more than that.

I recall a song of his that I guess it’s not that famous. It’s called I built this garden for us. If you haven’t heard it go ahead. This song alone shows how gifted this musician/designer is. You can tell he could do amazing things. That song was ahead of his times with a sound like no other (imho). Enchanting, emotional, powerful and stimulating. 

Lenny Kravitz is that kind of artist that stirs you up. His looks, his music and now his art. His designs have something “musical” about them as you will see if you go and browse through his official website. The Goccia collection is a vivid example. The tiles sort of resemble speakers ! At least that’s what I thought the moment I saw them. Putting them together, you get the feeling of being in a recording studio!

Besides building idealistic gardens and sounds in a real three dimensional world, Kravitz gives us new ways to use three dimensions in design. Stirring us up in any case.

More about LEA Ceramiche and Goccia HERE

A great article about the collection HERE

Lenny Kravitz official website HERE

Image credit LEA Ceramiche


  1. What a great blog theme, I love mosaic.... anything. I actually had lunch at a place in Cap d'Ail yesterday at the most beautiful mosaic tile table. I'll send you a link when I write about it. LOVE your zebra header.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! I am glad you love my header! I look forward to the link with the mosaic tile table. Thank you!

  3. Wow, Magda! I love it -- Kravitz is one of my favorite musicians and I admire his musical talent so very much. Now, I've got something else to admire about this amazing guy.

    Did you see him play the part of Cinna in the Hunger Games movie? He did a fabulous job.

    So do these tiles come in a variety of colors? Love 'em!

  4. Thank you Samantha! I don't think I have seen that movie but I am sure he did a marvellous job. He is amazing. Now I am so sure.

    In the images I have seen so far, the tiles come in black or white.

  5. greetings from Belgium, I have mentioned to my friend that I found blog by a mosaic lover in Italy


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