Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mt. Olympus, sea of Pieria, mosaics: a heavenly mix

First of all I must thank blogger A Brit Greek for sending me these pictures she took last year. The mosaics illustrated are from ancient Dion in Pieria, Greece. I never got round to posting them until now. Feels like "old times" here in Mosaicology when I first started this blog and was mainly focused on history and places.

Since Dion is close to the sea, let's take a swim in the seas of Pieria! The most notable are Litochoro and Platamonas.

The most prominent attraction of the region however is none other than Olympus mountain.

Information about Dion and its mosaics

Pieria Hotels and Tourism information

The driving distance from Dion to main city Thessaloniki is 59 miles / 94 km.

I will end this post with something that made me happy. I stumbled upon a blog of the city council of Dion-Olympos where there was a post on mosaic courses held this summer.

I loved the picture - mosaic making process at its best! and I am sharing it with you!!!

The courses have started on the 10th of June. I recommend my Greek speaking followers to visit the blog and the mosaic courses post here.

(Οι Έλληνες αναγνώστες μου μπορούν να επισκεφθούν το ιστολόγιο του δήμου του Δίον-Ολύμπου εδώ όπου θα βρουν πληροφορίες για τα σεμινάρια ψηφιδωτού που δυστυχώς έχουν ξεκινήσει στις 10 Ιουνίου, δεν πειράζει, καλό είναι να γνωρίζουμε ότι υπάρχουν αυτές οι υπέροχες πρωτοβουλίες!)


  1. Beautiful... and if I could only speak Greek the class would be fantastic. Hmm I wonder how much interpreters cost around there?

  2. eric, i would have loved to do the course too. If you want i can ask re interp.and hopefully english classes.


  4. Have been to Dion but never seen these! Thank you for posting them.


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