Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lace dress by Walid and a black and white mosaic from Villa Adriana

Half Panel Dress by Walid

quoting from 
’s luxurious adornments incorporate the ornament of 18th century design, textiles and beading. His one of a kind pieces are inspired by his lifelong love for all things historical, combined with a natural desire to travel.

black and white mosaic floor from Villa Adriana
stylised vegetation theme
Villa Adriana or Hadrian's villa

(following text and pictures © September 2003 Jack Tsen-Ta Lee)

Villa Adriana, probably the largest and most sumptuous villa in the Roman Empire, was built by Emperor Hadrian and occupied by him for a short time between 135 CE and his death three years later.  Hadrian was a great traveller and a keen architect, and parts of the villa were inspired by buildings he had seen around the world.
The Caserma dei vigili (Guards' Barracks).
Each of the rooms had elaborate mosaic floors.

The soothing pool of the Pecile, which was a reproduction of
a building in Athens.

The Canopo (Canopus), a copy of the sanctuary of Serapis near Alexandria in Egypt.


  1. Beautiful patterns and a beautiful villa there. I visited a few years ago and saw archaeologists on a dig! Looking out over Rome from Tivoli, it gave me chills because I'd seen the same afternoon sunset in paintings by George Inness and others of the 18th / early 19th century.

    Hadrian had the right idea by building such a grand classical palace, but I would have put a woman statue by the pool as a matter of preference. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures on this post! Makes me want to plan another trip to Greece! M.

  3. That would be a magnificent place to visit.

  4. So glad you all liked them. Personally I was "hypnotised" by the beauty of the last picture.

  5. Lovely post. I want to go to Greece as well. The photos make me want to go yesterday!


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