Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's opera time!

Stella Georgiou, a wonderful soprano and a friend of mine who is based in Italy, sings Othello. I wanted "the world" to listen to her voice. (Stella can be contacted via email here).



  1. Μας κάνει υπερήφανους!!!Μπράβο!

  2. @ Χρυσάνθη. Όντως! Και εις ανώτερα και για αυτήν και για όλους μας.

  3. @ Angelina, thank you for visiting!

  4. Thank you for visiting Design Elements!

  5. Your friend is very talented. I'm more of a string orchestra fan though (like Vivaldi in Venice).

    It seems to me that so many Italian girls can sing very well. At Luciana Noturni's mosaic school, there was an assistant named Anna who could sing great. And, on the television program 'American Idol' one of the girls was from Italy I think and was amazing.

  6. @ Eric, Stella is actually Greek Cypriot, living in Italy, but you are right: Italian girls do tend to have a good voice.


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