Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More cufflinks, more blue - handcrafted in Italy

Remember my recent post on lapis lazuli ? There I featured some cufflinks from Villa available on In the new email I got from them, what stood out was these hexagonal lapis cufflinks. Apparently the "lapis lazuli concept" is working.!
And by the way ..on Mosaicology we have "switched into blue mode" if you consider that my last post was dominated by blue!!!

Hexagonal Lapis Cufflinks
Handcrafted in Italy



Size: U

Villa cufflinks
18k yellow gold
Lapis lazuli
Deep blue


  1. si! ti sto seguendo con bloglovin!!! :)

  2. i know i’m a little off topic, but i just wanted to say i love the layout of your blog. i’m new to the blogegine platform, so any suggestions on getting my blog looking nice would be appreciated.

  3. @Cuff Links: Sure! Drop me an email


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