Thursday, May 19, 2011

Larnaca, city of planes and mosaic angels

Larnaca, a city by sea in Cyprus where the airport is situated offers some wonderful and thrilling moments for especially those with children when you know that if you raise your head while sunbathing you will see the plane that close you think you can touch it! This is what happened to me last year (or was it 2 years ago, need to check when the pictures where taken) and I took the camera to take some shots of the event. I kept them in a file and accidentally retrieved them a couple days ago! I decide to post them along with some glorious mosaics that you can find in Larnaca. Cool right? I am talking about the byzantine mosaics of Kiti (Larnaca district) dated 11th century in a lovely church called Panagia Angeloktisti (our lady, Mother of God, built by the angels)

The main part of Panagia Aggeloktistos which means “Our Lady built by the angels”

scenic church exterior
church exterior from another angle

the promenade in Larnaca, see the palm trees, the place is dubbed "foinikoudes" (palm trees)...(I love this place!!!)

Larnaca airport (city is small, you come out the airport the sightseeing begins!)
Larnaca marina

Now, the pictures I promised from my archives. The post's top picture with the plane was also taken that day.

This beach is called Mackenzie, there are lovely restaurants flanking the beach and it is ideal for families. You can spend the entire day there, having drinks, then lunch, coffee, dinner.

A map is always useful.

Larnaca map
More info on visitcyprus and

PS: 37% of the island of Cyprus is under Turkish occupation since 1974.


  1. Larnaca looks like an interesting place to stay, and they have a marina! Let's see, if the meltemi winds are late summer, best to boat here in April / May?

    I wonder if this is the same place that the well known photo was taken of the KLM (Dutch) airliner that was way too low over the beach?

  2. It is a lovely place. There is a lot more to see that I have not included in the post. A salt lake *yeah, and much more. Great sea and a good base for touring the island!

    Not sure about the KLM incident. Needs checking it out!

  3. Great pictures! Cyprus must be a wonderful island, I really hope to visit it some day!
    The plane almost "touching" the beach reminds me of Rhodes... it's a common sight there too :) and on islands in general, I guess :) (airports are usually on the coast)

  4. I really love your blog! I'm your follower!!!


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