Monday, October 25, 2010

Minimal attitude in fashion and mosaics

(akris spirng 2010 RTW)

no pattern or design similarities here like the previous posts but the concept of minimalism in clothes and mosaics.
I love mimimalism and as far as mosaics are concerned, there are many mosaics that fall into that category. What comes to mind are the mosaics in Pompeii and in general mosaics where an emblema is the centrepiece and an outline, be it greek key or more intricate and whimsical, frames the mosaic.
now emblema is a Greek word and I want to show you what it looks like.
in fact i will demonstrate mimimalistic mosaics with emblemata.
i need the pictures to be inspired to write. (to be honest today i have no motivation to write).

Simplicity of design is all that is required for a beautiful and accomplished work. Complicated designs and pictures are more suitable for painting or ceramics. When you need to work with pieces of stone, your focus is to translate something "continuous" into a discontinuous object and to give new life to your subject matter. You don't depict, you translate and represent things somehow. This is why complex designs are not "that welcome" or at least easy to work on, unless you are a great craftsman. In class and in the books I read, they always stress the importance of working on a simple design or that your draft is simple. The reasons behind this are mainly technical but beyond that it's the medium that asks for simplicity. It's the art process that becomes the art (object). ..Well at least something along these lines. ....

I had no espresso coffee this afternoon that is supposed to wake me up. 

Enjoy the post and your evening my dear friends and if you are not bored, or made feel bored, by the post, drop a comment.


  1. Kαλησπέρα .... - Never bored with your very interesting posts and lovely mosaics !!!

  2. Αχ, και να είχα αυτά τα σχέδια!!!Ούτε κι εγώ δεν ξέρω που θα τα πρωτοεφάρμοζα! Καλό σου βράδυ!

  3. Beautiful! I do love the minimilist look.

  4. I like simple designs and netural colors, and the mosaics you choose are wonderful.

  5. Never bored sweetie - more like interesting and fascinating! Great post and great pick of outfits too!
    Don't worry about posting the piccies i snapped earlier this year - there'll be a perfect time for that!

  6. Oi, obrigada pela visita.
    A foto que você comentou, é num parque da cidade de Curitiba, em Paraná daqui do Brasil. Um dia, fui viajar lá e fotografei o gari e a sombra.

  7. Not bored at all! Your pictures wonderfully illustrate what you're saying. I remember reading a book by Peter Fischer in which he mentioned that mosaics suit simplicity and repetition - both of which are evident in Greek mosaics.

  8. Hi! Thanks for joining my blog, it's always so nice to meet other bloggers! Enjoy the evening,

  9. I know me too

    Magnifiques photo :))))))))))

  10. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say 'hi'. It is always so lovely to make new bloggie friends!

    I was actually just reading through your blog the other day :) Mosaics on such an interesting and fascinating art form. I love the pictures you post. So beautiful! Let's see ... it's the 6th photo from the bottom (I think?) on this post. That is one gorgeous floor in that room!!


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