Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beads and Mosaic

Sometimes I wonder if there is another art form which could resemble to mosaic and I always end up thinking about beads and not painting nor ceramics. Beads have this feature in common with mosaic = pieces (small objects) that form and cover space with the intention to create a specific and pre-determined design. Now, with beads no cutting is involved whereas mosaic demands an extreme patience.

I have a confession to make.

I have thought of doing beadwork and let mosaic rest for a while considering that my current obligations do not favour much mosaic making..which saddens me. This of course does not mean I can't try some beadwork but when I tried it on a little jeans bag I had made, it didn't give me the satisfaction that mosaic does. But there's more. When you try deviate from your route something happens. You are not happy: 1. you don't do what you are supposed to do, 2. what you do..well you know nothing about, you are trying and experimenting but this is not what you want - substitutes? who wants substitutes? who wants to work with beads when it's mosaics you want to do? I will not provide any answer. I am too tired - mentally and physically - but it's good to put down the questions..at least!

Here's some of the beadwork by Valdes I love most. I think it's older work.

your comments will be very welcome on the subject.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I adore your focus on the ancient art and history, with great pictures!

    If you switch for a while to beadwork, hopefully you will come back to mosaic?

    Pardon the link but they would love you on CMA (US).


  2. Ciao! Grazie per avermi segnalato il tuo blog! Penso sia l'unico - realizzato da un'italiana - che abbia mai visto su questo argomento! Quando facevo mosaico mi sentivo molto 'sola', per non parlare della difficoltà di reperire i materiali e le informazioni. Insomma quella della mosaicista autodidatta era una vita dura, quindi piano piano, avendo già provato altre arti, mi sono spostata sulla creazioni di bijoux che mi soddisfa abbastanza e mi crea meno problemi visto che io comunque realizzo in casa e che comunque già in alcune mie realizzazione facevo uso di perle. Avrei molto altro da dire ma non voglio annoiarti! Grazie ancora, anche per il commento lasciato sul mio blog, dove spero di leggerti ancora.
    Buona giornata

  3. Truly Magnificent, the intricate beadworks are brilliant, Amazing!!!


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