Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you to my friends and followers

This is a very short post to thank each one of you. 13 followers so far! I don't know what the statistics are and I know that many blogs could go up to 10.000 followers (this blog here has 10.724 followers!) but numbers is not the issue here. It's doing what your heart tells you to do and not doing it on your on. My passion for mosaics has led me to create this blog and believe me the things I would like to talk about or muse over and the images to show to you are innumerable. So I thank you all and God bless.
Right now, I am in the middle of selling a house, setting up my new workshop and dealing with different kinds of bureaucratic issues plus huge family responsibilities, but very soon I will be writing on the mosaics in Constantinople (today's Istanbul).

Is there something you would like to see or learn about on mosaics? Something you have already seen here and would like me to work on? Please drop a comment.

The mosaic pictured above is from Paphos in Cyprus.

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