Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beads and the Queen of BEAds=BEA Valdes

This is a wonderful beaded headband that recently caught my attention. I love and insist on beads. I think it's because it's the only way to "wear mosaic" or better, mosaic-like material.
here's a close look at the bead work:

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To demonstrate the "power" of beads, here's a peek on an outstanding work with beads by - for those who have not heard about her yet - Bea Valdes....Just watch, dream, envision and get inspired or sit back and wonder how on "earth" does she do it. You can love her or hate her. She is from the Philippines and her business is based there. By the way Hollywood chic stars are drooling over her creations (apart from us ordinary people)..

Evening bags:

Here's a stunning necklace in the hues of gray that astounds me (if the above wasn't enough!):

Besides her own website, a wonderful place to browse her work closely is Couture Lab which features Bea Valdes.


a glimpse on a black eye-catching necklace by Bea Valdes:


On the cover of Vogue:

Click here for Bea Valdes official website.
More on bib necklaces and Bea Valdes here.

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