Sunday, May 30, 2010

The House of Orpheus mosaic gets a "lifting" - Getty Museum involved

I was happy to read on Mosaic Art Now that a project has taken place in order to preserve the Orpheus mosaic in Paphos, Cyprus.

A book has also been published and it's available FREE by clicking here:
Getty Museum - Orpheus mosaic publication

Some of my favourite mosaics are the ones in Cyprus as you have seen in previous posts. They have a distinctive beauty, they are unique. Even though they were made in Roman times I would call them Cypriot mosaics considering that Cyprus was and still is a place where cultures blend (Greek world, the Phoenicians etc) thus the "Roman" impact was not as strong as it would have been in places where the Greek world had been absent. And this is purely because the "Roman" world and culture was strongly influenced by Greek art, philosophy etc. An amalgam of diverse cultures had already penetrated Cypriot culture at the time the mosaics were made.

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