Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Keep calm and put the pieces together": Mosaicology Shop's brand new design

Mosaicology's new design on Acrylic Dou

Hi everyone!

Today I really needed a creative break so after doing the housework, I figured I should work on the mosaicology shop and guess what. I have a new variation of the Keep Calm theme featuring colours I love. What I like about this variation, which doesn't include the word "mosaic", is that it applies to many situations (perfectly in tune with the blog's scope: to appeal to the wider audience). In a way, we all need to put the pieces together, whether it is a work of mosaic art, a project, a concept, something in our life we need to figure out.

So, if you do know someone who needs to put the pieces together, this could be a really interesting and original gift!

These are some of the items you will find it on. By clicking on the images, you go straight to the shop.

"Keep calm and put the pieces together"
the mosaicology shop

 Keep your healthy lunch in this awesome looking bag.

Make a difference with a simple and practical yet lovely long sleeve top

 Convey the importance of creativity to your little ones...

Talking of kids, isn't this sweet?

Get ready for some heavy duty work...

And now, time to chill down a bit...

Don't forget that Cafepress does all the shipping so if you need any further info, you can contact them directly.

The shop is being updated so be sure to check it out HERE. .And don't forget: You saw if first on mosaicology blog :) And if you liked it, why not share it?


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