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Innovative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Guest post by Kelsey Reaves)

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Today I am delighted to feature another guest blogger. Her name is Kelsey Reaves and she works at Modernize based in Austin, Texas. Her post travels you through the woods and natural settings of far away places where sitting around the fireplace, inspired by the mesmerizing beauty and scented wood is typical routine! How about that? Be sure to check out their site for lots of ideas for your home.

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Innovative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

If you want to add personality to your kitchen, a backsplash can do wonders. From spicing up a plain rental apartment to changing up decade-old decor in your house, it’s one of the most effective and exciting ways to give this central room in your house a makeover.

Here are a few gorgeous kitchen backsplashes to inspire you to have fun with your kitchen update. Make sure to head over to Modernize for more interior design and decor ideas.

Earthy, Rustic and Classic


One of the most time-tested decorative solutions when it comes to kitchen backsplashes is mosaic art, and this nature themed panel made of soft hues make you feel like you’re in a chic and comfy cabin in the woods. The theme, reminiscent of ancient Roman mosaic floors, will definitely draw the eyes and create an unmistakably elegant and classic atmosphere.

Tile Alternatives
via Modernize

Who said you needed tiles to make a mosaic backsplash? You can use anything from rocks to slats of wood to wine corks. This cork backsplash is bold, yet coherent with the style of this kitchen/bar area—and thematically appropriate! It’s fun and classy at the same time. 

Pops of Color


A colorful backsplash is exactly what any sleek kitchen needs. This pattern of blue by Granada Tile in Los Angeles parallels the calm and clean vibe of this kitchen. Don't be afraid of bright bursts of color especially for a repeated pattern like this one.

Divine Subtlety

via New Ravenna Mosaics

The marble effect of this backsplash gives it a look reminiscent of oriental carpets, while the pattern’s central intricate motif in gray give an open, airy and majestic feel to the room. Using only two soft colours can produce a minimal and soothing design.

A Backsplash that Knows No Bounds

via Modernize

Who said backsplashes only go behind the kitchen sink? If you love the pattern and colors you’ve chosen, why not let the backsplash become a reigning feature of the room? This exciting red backsplash looks even better around the windows than it does on the wall.

Deliberate Patterns

via Modernize

Part of the beauty of mosaic backsplashes is their unpredictability, when there’s no set color or design that comes next. But sometimes purposeful patterns can be just as exciting, especially when you allow them to be the main feature of your decor. 


Thank you, Kelsey!

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  1. These are some great ideas, we're thinking of doing bead board but haven't quite decided yet. kitchen ideas


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