Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How (not) to grow an ancient mosaic in Dallas

What a weird title you may say. Please visit Bored Neoclassical Guy's Blog to read the whole post.  I assure many laughs. Oh, and by the way, the post is also available in Italian. I was only too thrilled to do the translation into Italian for Eric. I usually do not translate into Italian and I hope to have achieved at keeping the sense of humour Eric so successfully conveyed in his original text. That was my main concern.

Here's a quick excerpt:
I had been putting in way too many hours at the office over the past few months. Although it had been very profitable, I couldn't help but think of the work as too much of a tradeoff of my time preventing time for making art, not to mention the lack of sleep driving me to the point of delusion. Surely there are many artists probably going through exactly the same thing.

In questi ultimi mesi ho lavorato parecchio. Nonostante un guadagno significativo, non ho potuto non considerare il lavoro come un trade-off del mio tempo. Questa situazione mi impediva dal creare, per non menzionare la mancanza di sonno fino al punto di delusione. Sicuramente ci sono parecchi artisti che probabilmente stanno affrontando la stessa cosa.

image and text source annoiatoregazzoneoclassico


  1. Loved it, Magda! Went over there to read and left a comment. He's just right up the road from me (4 hour drive). My partner, The Prof, lives in Dallas too. We'll have to do a meet up sometime! xoxo

  2. I am very happy and excited about this! I am sure you will have a lot to talk about!


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