Monday, April 23, 2012

Wordpress or Blogger

In my quest for a new blog, I am facing the dilemma of whether shifting to Wordpress which obviously is tremendously more professional with lots of functions and possibilities. Not just the plug-ins but also as far as themes are concerned.

I downloaded a theme that truly struck me as the perfect one but then I realised I have to register and go through some other procedures that I cannot get around to knowing what they are until I hit ok and confirm registration. Probably is nothing and I am just tired or afraid of trying out something new that I know it want.

I have however decided on the title of the blog. An all-encompassing title that, miraculously, covers just about everything I am into right now (both for my business and my passions) AND would be able to "follow" me on my blogging journey and ventures.

How am I dealing with my dilemma? Well, to test the new blog and title, I created a new blog on blogger which can be deleted at any time and I will try and get the look right before I decide (or abandon) embarking on a Wordpress experience.

Funny thing is that I have just realised that Blogger does contain some features I had not noticed before so maybe I will stick to this platform eventually. Then, if all goes well and my goals are met, I would start an official site. Right now, there is no point of doing that.

What do you say? New blog, new platform?


  1. Blogger has some good features. But you know me, on, I'm writing HTML/asp with Yahoo pipes for the news updates, and webservices for the mobile apps. So the long story short, I always like the more complicated technology. Maybe you might get some $$$ working on someone else's Wordpress sites?
    Whichever path, I hope it works out well!

  2. The dilemma struck me too. Like you, I cannot invest the time and frustration in shifting blog etc etc. So for now I am staying on blogspot. It is friendly, easy access, and I enjoy `less complicated`.
    You have two opposite views! I guess its not better...:)

  3. Thank you both for sharing your opinion. I am so grateful. You both have a point! There are two or three WP templates I like that would be perfect for the new blog. What intimidates me is customising it and how will people on blogger follow me.


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