Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thank you

A short post to say THANK YOU to those that visit my blog and leave comments. You are all wonderful!

I am working on new posts that will appear on the blog mid next week unless I get more translation projects and need to postpone blogging for a couple days more. That is the reason why I am not blogging as I used to. I guess that hard work DOES PAY OFF after all!

I am sorry that I do not have the time to comment on your blogs ad I did before. But I do visit blogs often and I tweet stuff I like so PLEASE continue being inspiring!!!

Lots of love and a presto with new posts and if all goes all a little surprise...



  1. I am still getting over the fact you are in (or near?) Bologna. I go through there or stay there for about a week almost every year.! I have already been this year but will let you know when I will go next. Would love to meet you!

  2. Shame we missed each other! Would love to meet you too. When do you normally come?

  3. Usually Feb or March, but have a snag for this time in 2012..will keep you posted.


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