Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Riding the panther (musings inspired by a mosaic from Delos)

The epoch we have found ourselves to live in requires that we have the power to manage each second of our life as if we were machines. We have to "know" but not learn, to take it easy but not muse over, to share with others what lies between our conscious and imposed "is this me-this has to be me" self. An "epoch" (need inverted commas now) which is getting old and consumed before it´s new.

We constantly need to prove we can juggle riding the panther, holding the spear and playing the drum. I am offering no reccomendations here but only a hint of what I feel is right. Learn to be diplomatic and think again. Are you riding in your race or someone else´s? Make sure it´s yours.

mosaic from Delos, Greek island near Santorini, famous for its mosaics, featuring Dionysos


  1. Good good thoughts. (and a very lush mosaic!). Thank you x

  2. Oh, beautiful, no other words to describe it.
    A piece of art.

  3. Very nice Greek mosaics and beautiful words!
    Thank you for honoring my country!
    many kisses

  4. well put! I am off to juggle life!


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