Sunday, March 6, 2011

An inspiring quote by Coco Chanel

You may have guessed I have a thing for quotes and design. It is like a virus. I realise that a design is never "perfect enough" and that you constantly need to change and improve it. Today I worked a little bit on this one here and I am sharing it with you. This result was totally unexpected for me.


  1. Hi Dear Mag
    Love the colours you have used here... beautiful.. would be great to see more of it. and that quote.. so true!! and never so well understood unless one is facing hard times...

    Thanks for you comment re change.. I'm really at a crossroads and a little fed up with things here and thinking about making a big jump!! Travelling to Europe from Australia is a long and expensive trip.. hence many Australians have never been.. I've had 2 extended trips around Europe but it has been many years ,.. my favourite places are Italy and France.. OH and Greece.. and Turkey.. and and and. hahahaha

    Ok... will catch up again soon... have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie

  2. Love the peacock design, the colors are really pretty, and the quote very true!

  3. Hi Mag, yes the background I used for my post was based on famous floor of the Copacabana beach, it was designed by Burle Marx and it is inspired by the shape of waves. It is interesting because each beach in Rio de Janeiro has its own design, but the one in Copacabana became the most iconic! You can see more here:

  4. That is a pretty design. I can imagine it on a wall poster in Neiman Marcus here in the center of Dallas.

    But, now I'm going to go look at the Liz Taylor photo where she is on the mosaic floor, because it is a very nice photo with good composition.

  5. Oops, I mean 'Sophia' not 'Liz'... No wonder I like it so much.


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