Wednesday, June 30, 2010

random and old


I am going through an entirely new phase as far as design is concerned.
I am working on some new ideas and themes for a series of mosaics and this post is merely to share with you some old designs and drawings. Most of these were not developed into mosaics and their finalised appearance as mosaics is not clear at all (not even to me) but there are still things that I did.

Hope that wasn't a boring post...


  1. No, definitely NOT boring, I love how designers conceptualize their design ideas, great post, xoxo

  2. Hello from another mosaic madwoman! You might enjoy researching the Watts Towers in Los Angeles, if you haven't done so already. Enjoy!

  3. I feel mosaïc as a quest for gathering bits of soul scattered in other spaces and times of our memory.You're on the path to discover your "real" name
    As in the myth of Isis and Osiris! You're doing a great job!

  4. YES exploring with passion and sharing what you love IS a great job!

  5. I love this post!
    I love watching sketches from artists, one of your drawings even has little materials samples :)
    Can't wait to see your new designs! And about these "oldies", whether you renew them some day or not, you surely must have learned something from them.
    Keep it up with your great work! :D

  6. What an interesting job you have! When did you know you wanted to do this for a living???

  7. i have never come across a mosaic loving blog before,
    and let me tell you, i think its a fabulous blog indeed!
    its really nice that you enjoy your art so much!
    so clever and crafty! <3

  8. oh how i wish we were neighbors so you can teach me to mosaic! can't wait to see what you have been working on.

  9. Mosaicista AppassionataJuly 2, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    Jemina, thanks thanks thanks.

    Dominique, mosaics are an addiction, I am sure you know this.

    Sylvie, thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

    Gemagenta, I hope to be able to show something new pretty soon.

    Cafe B.hard to answer your question,years ago-when I started my first mosaics.

    Lauren, I am happy you visited my blog.

    Jessica,thank you, I would love to teach but right now it's rather complicated. I may come up with a tiny tutorial on the blog!

  10. "Boring"??? Wow, this is a wonderful post! It's great to see what's behind the "scenes" of a mosaic! You have a truly interesting blog, and I really enjoy learning more about your great passion and all that's related to this fascinating world.


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