Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Adventures in crochet (a hobby as relaxing as mosaic)

my first set of washcloths

a closer look
(made with brown cotton yarn and white recycled fabric)

I know this post doesn't exactly fit in a mosaic blog. But I am posting this anyway because working with yarn is known to have amazing relaxing qualities just like mosaic art. A while ago I happened to come across some fantastic washcloths made of thick cotton yarn and I said "let me give it a try". Needless to say, I have become addicted to it. All you need to get is yarn and a hook. It's the best hobby for those in need to relax and be creative at the same time (and who don't have space and time for mosaic making).


  1. Hi Magda, I think it's great that crochet is another creative outlet for you and I love the colours you chose for this piece. I don't knit but my daughter does and it does the same for her as it does for you. I love your blog + reading your posts…always interesting. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

    1. Thank you Constantina!!! I am honoured that you are reading this blog and I am glad I wasn't off topic. You see this is a blog about mosaics and not me but I couldn't resist sharing what I do. Best wishes to you too! Thanks for your FB like! xo
      ps: Can I write to you in Greek in the future?


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