Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Before sunrise

Before Sunrise - 3D mosaic by Olga Goulandris

Before Sunrise. That's the title of this fantastic 3D mosaic I came across the other day. I was looking for something summery to drop into the blog that had nothing to do with swimming pools cause right now I'm in a "Mountain-Loving" mood and I'll probably be heading to a nice place in Tuscany (not yet as I'm swamped with work) and... this was the perfect piece!

I have asked Olga Goulandris, a mosaic artist from Greece, to say a few words about her piece.

"It's a 3D mosaic, it's as if you are looking at the earth right from above which you have split it open in the middle. I was inspired to create this thinking of other hemisphere and what separates us (sea)".

I find Olga's source of inspiration quite intriguing, an invitation to look beyond, to overcome the tangible, to search for what's "there" that could also be "here".

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  1. What a fantastic and beautiful expression of a concept using mosaic art as the language.


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