Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Please don't stop the music!

When was in my early 20s, I couldn't live a single day without music. I'd put my headphones on and would listen to my favourite tracks. Mostly Depeche Mode. But also Madonna. Occasionally Classical music. There was a time I would listen to Spanish music. It could be while traveling, going to work, doing the housework etc.

A funny thing has been occurring in recent years:
I no longer listen to music on a daily basis the way I did before.
However, I do listen to music but "under special circumstances"; for instance when I need to cheer up or stop thinking or when I'm overwhelmed with emotions (of calm combined with a creative spur or - yes - anger). That's when I turn to music. Not always. But when I do, it works.

Music gives us back some of our lost energy. It creates NEW energy. Music can inspire works of art. For instance, I'd love to create a mosaic inspired by the Dance of the knights (Romeo and Juliet) by Prokofiev, one of my favourite classical pieces. The mosaic I'm thinking of isn't about Romeo and Juliet but it comes from the EMOTIONS when listening to the piece.

Music is a muse who we all need to call as often as we can. She is full of surprises! 

This is what Laur Ivanel, architect/mosaicist did. His work is inspired by music AND it's about music! His calling was to create a series of mosaics for an Irish pub in Constanta, Romania, with a music muse as a central theme. The muse spins the music wheel and every part of the work has a story. What's more, during the process, he discovered and fell in love with the song Dancing with the Muse by Chris Spheeeris which helped him to complete the work!

I can almost hear the music in Laur's work, don't you?

It has that NEW energy I was telling you about. I asked him to tell me a few things about his work.

In his own words:

"I like to transform

from what's not so good
into something with life, soul, second chance
where there is a little bit of disharmony to put a touch of care.
It is about care
in fact
I need this
and I prefer to do work with spaces;
spaces have a life and a soul"

Laur Ivanel, architect and mosaicist based in Romania

  • Do you seek silence or do you want your life to be filled with music?
  • Do you also listen to music on fewer but important occasions as time goes by the way I do?
  • Does your art work tell a story and how is music involved in the process?

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  1. Thank you editor for the exquisite approach. Your words,thoughts inspire feelings and open inner perspectives. Thank you for the harmony from your musical words. Laur Ivanel playing this piece for Mosaicology Blog Magda, the Mosaic Musical Muse.


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