Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everypiece counts in large amounts. ARTAIC's mosaic patterns

Even though I truly admire mosaic artists that work on very small scale mosaics, there's something about large scale mosaics covering entire walls and spaces that fascinates me. It's like with huge jewelry. They make a statement.

Whereas small mosaics or micro-mosaics embellish a space and give a special aura of dicontinuity among other decorative items, the role of giant mosaics is to make a statement. To define a space. Mosaic is what calls the shots. Every other element should follow the rules set by this mosaic work.

I'm particularly impressed with the "links" mosaic here. Perfect for high-tech spaces or anywhere. Strict, formal and chic. Absolutely chic.

images from Artaic.com

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