Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Human Form in Mosaic by Elaine M.Goodwin

My decision to subscribe as an associate with Amazon has been a wise one and that's not because of the possibility to earn money from this program but mainly because I get to scour and dig out great MOSAIC BOOKS like this one! This book should be a must if you want to explore ways to render the human form with mosaic tesserae. The name of the author should be your guarantee. Elaine M. Goodwin. 

Book description:
"The Human Form in Mosaic" is an original and revelatory exploration in the hands of an accomplished artist and author, using the human form as a means to introduce the reader to the technique of mosaic-making. The author guides the reader through the step-by-step process of individually cutting and placing 'tesserae' - the small pieces of marble, gold, glass and ceramic that go to make up mosaics - to articulate the human form, both the body and the face."

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