Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The most opulent swimming pool

I wanted to add a refreshing summer tone to the blog today considering the weather, the mood and the all so many dream destinations.
I chose this spectacular, lavishing swimming pool to share with you.

The pool is in Gianni Versace’s former mansion in Miami formerly known as Casa Casuarina now The Villa by Barton G.

 The pool is named the "Thousand Mosaic Pool" and some mosaic tiles are actually made of gold.

photo from here 

ps: I take the occasion to say WELCOME to my new followers!


  1. Mosaics made of gold....wow, nice! xoxo

  2. Αυτά είναι τα χρώματα μου!!!!!!!!!
    Τα λατρεύω

  3. I'd love to swim in this pool!! I also love the Semiramis hotel pool, isn't it pretty?


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