Saturday, July 3, 2010


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The mosaic above is a detail of the Nativity of the Virgin in which a young woman is shown arranging the child's cradle, 1315-1320, Chora Monastery, Constantinople (Istanbul).
Saturday is the day when I usually do the housework. I am lucky that I have a helping hand from family these days.
Do you do your chores on a daily basis according to what's needed to be done or do you have a particular day that you dedicate to cleaning, doing the laundry etc ?


  1. Hi dear, maybe it is just me, but the picture is not showing on my monitor, bu Im sure it is lovely, and regarding the housework, it's just something that i do daily, happy weekend, XOXO

  2. Mosaicista AppassionataJuly 4, 2010 at 1:36 AM

    Thank you Jemina, the pic was not probably downloaded!

  3. WOW, this picture is amazing and thanks for posting comments at my blog, I really appreciate it, btw, i am not really following your question "how is your blog flwd?", perhaps you could re phrase to me the question again, thanks for the love, happy weekend, xoxo

  4. It's interesting that you know so much about mosaics. I like your blog a lot! And I work 40 hours a week, so I have to divide my housework throughout the week to have a free weekend. Most of the time I do stuff on fridaynight :)

  5. Wow, that's something! You have a pretty interesting thing going on here girl! Keep it up!


  6. Funny that I came across this post today. I just finished cleaning the house and getting the laundry started which is a weekly chore. I don't stress during the week about either necessarily (maybe a bit of picking up here and there) which makes it nice.

    By the way, your question about the jumpsuit on Saturday's post is by Loro Piana. If you have any other questions, let me know. Have a great week. =)

  7. well,this is a bit of a sore point for me at the moment as I have been so busy with work that the housework has suffered. I do have a routine and like to stick to it, dong extra bits when I have time or when they need doing - or when I have visitors ! But right now, I am so busy I can't even see what needs doing. Maybe that's good as I'd only get stressed at the prospect of a dusty house but hey ho... gotta pay the bills ! Would LOVE to have a cleaner though - not because I'm lazy but because it's just so wonderful to come home to a clean house that hasn't been cleaned by me !

  8. I hate house cleaning so much. I do it when I have time (every other day or so), one room at a time. That way I never have to clean my whole house at once. It's not the best method, but then I don't feel like all I do is clean. The mosaic is very beautiful.

  9. Since I work from home, I find it best to stay on top of things, I have a routine for my daily cleaning and a bit of help so things can stay organized.

  10. Mosaicista AppassionataJuly 8, 2010 at 11:09 AM

    Thank you all!
    It was very interesting to read your comments on this subject.
    Whatever method you use, what matters is to get things done.
    Sometimes I wish I had a woman to help me with the windows and all other heavy work.
    It's not the money issue, I think money is well spent if this means more time for you and your family. What impedes me - and I have seen this with friends - is that is best that YOU do YOUR OWN housework. Nobody can do it the way you would unless you become completely despotic by strict supervising.

  11. Each Monday is cleaning day..., it takes me about 2 hours. The other stuff..., like laundry (and paying bills) I do as when necessary. I work at home, so it's no big deal! Thanks for asking!!


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