Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mosaicology shop updates

This is to update and thank all the people who recently bought items from the shop at Cafepress and who continue to read the blog (we are also thrilled to see that people keep visiting the blog even when we go into "hiatus" mode). The good news is that the shop is constantly improving to deliver better designs and products for mosaic and mosaicology customers and followers!

Muse Thalia, new mosaic print

There's a new mosaic print on selected jewelry items. It's Thalia, the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry. Show your sophisticated style by wearing this lovely pic of soft hues.

"Keep calm and put the pieces together" quote's new improved version

The "Keep calm and put the pieces together" design has been improved. It has been enlarged and looks more vibrant and stylish. Same with the other "Keep calm and mosaic on" quotes in pink, blue and green. Please note that all images are at 300dpi high resolution.

Mosaicology is currently working on a new "surprise" design (no quotes) due Spring.

Take care.