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Mosaic is posh. That's what mosaicology is about. With this blog I want to show you how spectacular mosaic is. Ancient mosaics and modern mosaics. In particular, mosaicology is infatuated with mosaic jewelery, accessories and objects that bring mosaic to mind.

This blog has a wide readership. The idea is to show mosaic's potential to everyone - and not just within the mosaic world - and how it can add a true and authentic sparkle in their life (and outfits).

This blog is read by fashion and interior design bloggers and it exists since March 2010.

If you would like to support what I do here, here's how:

1. Advertise

Buy your own advertising space at a reasonable price for your mosaic art or supply business.

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By making a donation - any amount your heart desires - you are helping me dedicate more and more time to this blog to share lovely mosaic creations.

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Let your friends know about this blog. If you love it, they might love it too.

4. Buy a book from mosaicology's Amazon store

If you are looking for a book on mosaic art, I have created a little store on Amazon with a vast selection of books to choose from. I only get a very small percentage out of the sale. Needless to say... :)

5. Buy gifts from mosaicology at cafepress.com

Get your "Keep calm and mosaic" on apron or tank top from my shop and more.

I sincerely thank you for your precious support.

Magda - mosaicology blog founder and author
email mgdp05 at gmail dot com

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